Monday, October 11, 2010

Energizing Brain Breaks DVD is HERE!

Each DVD comes in a shrinkwrapped protective DVD case.

Energizing Brain Breaks DVD is a collection of 50 quick activities that you can see in action. The DVD has videos that match the book "Energizing Brain Breaks" page for page. They are 1-2 minute brain and body challenges that are fun and help you regain your efficiency. The collection includes individual, partner and group activities. Both the book and the DVD have sample pages at the site

What are Energizing Brain Breaks?

Purchasing the Book/DVD

Sample Pages from the Book

Sample Videos from the DVD

Multiple Book/DVD Ordering

You can get the book alone, or with the DVD. If you get both the DVD and the book the price is reduced.

If you have a large order for a school or an organization, then you can go to our multiple order page to check out the possibilities. If you have any questions please email

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