Monday, September 6, 2010

Gotcha Energizing Brain Break


Purpose: Try to grab another person’s finger on one side of you, while at the same time avoid being grabbed by the person on the other side of you.

1. Stand up and get into groups of 3-10 people.
2. Form a circle with your group.

3. Each person should hold out their left hand with their palm flat and facing up. Now take your right hand index finger and point it directly into the palm of the person to your right.

4. When the instructor says “Gotcha”, you are to try to grab the person’s finger that is in your palm, and at the same time avoid being grabbed by the person you are pointing to.

5. Repeat with your arms crossed.


  1. Thank you for your brain teaser challenges. We are students at UHCL and with little to no budget this is so wonderful in helping us break the ice with our new students. I love that a percentage is given to schools that need to be built or furnished. Thank you for your giving spirit. God Bless. Ms. Rodriguez

  2. I love this brain break! I will try it the first week of school.

  3. I've done this in groups of over 50 during events. Still absolutely fun and hilarious!

  4. Just now discovered your blog and the brain breaks, thanks for sharing!