Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Play-Doh Brain Break

It seems like everybody loves Play-Doh. 

PLAY-DOH BRAIN BREAK (time 4 minutes)
Have students work with a partner.
1.  The person on the left should come up to the front and get a small Play-Doh can.
2.  Go back to your desk and you have 1 minute (the teacher will announce the time) to make an animal (or some other category like a vegetable, or fruit)
3.  Your partner will only get three guesses for what the animal is.   You don't have to show them what you are doing until the minute is up.

4.  Switch and the person on the right gets to make a different animal.
5.  Use your guesses wisely because you only get three.
Hints are allowed.
6.  The person on the left will close the lid and take the Play-Doh back up to the front of the room.

Wonderful Cat in 1 minute

Nice Alligator

I got this fantastic idea from Kathleen Williams @1kjwilliams and Marissa Early @mearlynnhs who are math teachers at Naperville North High School.  Thanks for sharing.

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