Sunday, March 22, 2009


Have your students take a Brain Break every 25 minutes in class. It helps to refocus students on their work.
Have the students take out a sheet of paper and write their name on the front of the paper. Then they should write out a problem that they have been working on. (You could also have them write 3 things they have learned during this past class period) Then on the back of the paper, they should solve the problem. Then they should crumple the paper up like a snowball. Everyone should stand up and have a good old fashion snowball fight with the papers. Aiming at the head is not allowed. After they have thrown at least 3 times, they should pick up a snowball and start doing the problem on the paper. Once they have tried the problem, they can look to see if they have the same answer as the author. Everyone should connect with the author and tell them if they got the problem or not. See video.
I have found that when talking about a particular topic, I can say to my students, remember this was the paper snowball problem. I think it is another type of memory device.
Happy Brain Breaks,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Figure Eight Brain Break

Brain Breaks are excellent for students to get re-focused. We should get our students up and moving every 25 minutes. Here is a brain break that your student can do with a simple spiral notebook. Take the spiral notebook and move it in a figure eight motion weaving through the legs. Of course, you want to do it as fast as possible. Also, when you get fast, you can try the opposite direction.
See the 50 second video.

Thumb and Pinkie Brain Break

Brain Breaks are great to take every 25 minutes in class.
This one is great for getting students to "think" about their movement.
Take your left hand and have your fingers in, and your thumb up.
Then take your right hand and put your thumb in and all your fingers in except your pinkie.
So in other words, your thumb up and pinkie out.
Now switch the roles of your hands.

See the 50 second video for how this actually looks.

Happy Brain Breaks,