Monday, March 15, 2010

The Waiter Brain Break

This brain break will see how agile your arm is. Brain Breaks are refreshing and help to get your productivity back up to par. This brain break is from a colleague Randy Smith. Back in the day Randy was a waiter. He imagines himself with a load of dishes in his hand. Thanks Randy for the idea.
You might want to go straight to the video because it is hard to describe with words.

1. Stand up
2. Lay a piece of paper or a spiral notebook on the top of your right hand without grabbing it.
3. While balancing the spiral on your hand, tuck it between your right arm and waist so that the spiral will now be behind you.
4. Flair your arm out away from you. Again, keep the spiral balanced on top of your hand.
5. Keep turning your arm so that the spiral will get back to the original spot.
6. If you have mastered this, try your other hand.

Many people ask me about getting the students settled after the brain break. This is a no brainer. Sorry about the pun. Just watch in the video how fast the students settle back to work.

This brain break is not in the book. The book actually has 50 activities in it that are similar to this. They challenge the brain and the body for a short period of time. They are excellent for those times in your class where you see your students getting a little glassy eyed. I actually plan for them in my lesson. Click here for more information on the book.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guns and Roses Brain Break

Brain Breaks are helpful to students and teachers alike. This Brain Break is from my brother in law Gary Gotberg from Grandby CN. It is called Guns and Roses.
1. Stand Up.
2. Make a gun with your right index finger and thumb. Keep your other fingers tucked in.
3. With your left hand put all your fingers straight up. Then move just your index finger to touch your thumb to make a circle "rose".
4. Now switch and make a rose with your right hand and a gun with your left.
5. Keep switching back and forth as fast as you can.
Some of my students can really do this one fast.
For me, I really have to concentrate and I can do it.
This one is not in the book. The book has 50 other brain breaks in it. Click here for more information on the book.