Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Figure Eight Brain Break

Brain Breaks are excellent for students to get re-focused. We should get our students up and moving every 25 minutes. Here is a brain break that your student can do with a simple spiral notebook. Take the spiral notebook and move it in a figure eight motion weaving through the legs. Of course, you want to do it as fast as possible. Also, when you get fast, you can try the opposite direction.
See the 50 second video.


  1. In Brain Gym (http://www.braingym.org/) there is an activity called Lazy 8s. I like this one for older kids because it uses both sides of their body and they are manipulating their notebook.

  2. One of the Brain Gym http://www.braingym.org/ activities is called Lazy 8's. Basically it is drawing the infinity symbol in the air, really big, with your thumb starting, nose level, in the center of the sign moving up and out away from the body, coming up again at the nose and crossing the mid-line to make the other circle.

    I like the manipulation of the spiral notebook for older kids.

  3. I loved t his activity and thought that when I do this with my kids I would have them state the multiples of 8 at the same time since they tend to be weak with that number. Great idea! Audra Kivlehen