Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Toe Tapping Energizing Brain Break

Toe Tapping

1. Stand Up.
2. Face your partner.
3. Both you and your partner put out your right leg and tap your right feet together 1 time and say "1" out loud.
4. Tap your left feet together 3 times and say "3" out loud.
5. Tap your right feet together 2 times and say "2" out loud.
6. Continue the 1,3,2 toe tapping pattern alternating feet.
7. See how fast you can go.

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WHAT ARE ENERGIZING BRAIN BREAKS? Energizing Brain Breaks are quick 1-2 minute activities for your classroom. They take virtually no preparation and no extra materials to perform. Students of all ages love them. Why do they love them? Because they are fun and make you laugh. They also challenge your brain. Energizing Brain Breaks help you to cross the mid-line of your body which helps both sides of your brain engage. It is suggested to use an Energizing Brain Break every 30 minutes with your class. They are terrific during exams and standardized tests. Just give an Energizing Brain Break between sections of tests or even right in the middle of the test. If you would like to see some in action, go to www.energizingbrainbreaks.com. The Energizing Brain Breaks book is laminated; spiral bound, and has 50 activities on card stock paper. The ISBN number is 978-0-578-05058-4 and is a $14.95 value.

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