Monday, July 26, 2010

Energizing Brain Breaks Book Give Away

Sorry, all of the entries have been made. This offer is over. If you are interested in the book, you will need to order it through the on the side of this page.

Energizing Brain Breaks Book Give Away ends after the first 10 valid entries. All 10 entries have been made. These will go fast, get your entry in soon. (sorry, only entries delivered to US or Canada will be accepted)

Do you know of an administrator that is interested in brain breaks? Maybe it is your principal or your wellness advisor, or it might even be a superintendent. Then you could get two free complimentary copies of the book "Energizing Brain Breaks" sent directly to you. The first copy you would keep for yourself. (If you already have one of the books, then you could give it to a colleague) The second copy you would take personally to your administrator and share it with them. Be sure to tell them about the blog with video examples of many of the 50 Activities.
Whole schools (and even a whole district) have been getting the "Energizing Brain Break" book for their teachers. Teachers love this book because there is No Prep Time and No Extra Set Up and yet it is so valuable. Students from K-12 are benefiting from taking a small 1-2 minute break in the middle of a class to get refocused and refreshed.

Once an administrator sees the book it will make a big impression. Please send an email to Here is what you need to include in your email to get the free books. Please be sure to fill out each question so it will be a valid entry. Only the first 10 valid entries will be sent the books.

1. Your name and address (where you want the books to be sent)

2. Your position. (grade and school)

3. Where did you hear about "Energizing Brain Breaks" book?

4. Why do you believe in Brain Breaks in the classroom.

5. Your administrators name, position, address and email.

6. Describe how you know this administrator and why you think this administrator would like to get invested in "Energizing Brain Breaks"

Take advantage of this as soon as you can!

Questions? Email

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