Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Play-Doh Brain Break

It seems like everybody loves Play-Doh. 

PLAY-DOH BRAIN BREAK (time 4 minutes)
Have students work with a partner.
1.  The person on the left should come up to the front and get a small Play-Doh can.
2.  Go back to your desk and you have 1 minute (the teacher will announce the time) to make an animal (or some other category like a vegetable, or fruit)
3.  Your partner will only get three guesses for what the animal is.   You don't have to show them what you are doing until the minute is up.

4.  Switch and the person on the right gets to make a different animal.
5.  Use your guesses wisely because you only get three.
Hints are allowed.
6.  The person on the left will close the lid and take the Play-Doh back up to the front of the room.

Wonderful Cat in 1 minute

Nice Alligator

I got this fantastic idea from Kathleen Williams @1kjwilliams and Marissa Early @mearlynnhs who are math teachers at Naperville North High School.  Thanks for sharing.

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I bought the 15 pack for $6 at a local store.  I noticed that they are on Amazon for around $10

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pen Flipping Brain Break

Brain Breaks are simple 1-2 minute mind and body challenges.  They are excellent for regaining focus in a meeting or a class.  Your students will love you for them.

This one you will take these steps

1.  Stand Up.
2.  Take a pen and flip it ONE REVOLUTION.  (Imagine a piece of tape on one end of the pen, then throw the pen from the tape side.  Have the pen go one full turn around to get to the tape side again) 
3.  Now do the same thing with your other hand.  
4.  Now get a pen for both hands and try to do both pens at the same time.  
5.  If you really are good at that, then try to throw the pens up into the air and catch them in opposite hands.  This is tough.  


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Brain Break Therapy

My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in 2005.  This video is in dedication to her.  She is doing great in a memory care unit in Kansas City.  As a teacher she loved to have her students active.  This is for her and the many people who don't always get enough brain activity.  I love you mom.

Why are Brain Breaks considered Therapy.  First of all, it helps them to participate in something.  It is the norm now to just watch something like TV or a movie, or people watching, or listening to someone speak.  This activity will help everyone to be involved with whats happening.  Second of all, it helps to keep your mind engaged.  You need to challenge your brain a little bit every once in a while.  Once you challenge it, you feel good!   This is what happens when residents get done with a 30 minute session of Brain Breaks.  Try it out with someone you know who needs a little BRAIN BREAK.  Lastly, it will help your body to do something other than just sit there.  I've seen many residentas who have severe limitations participate with us during these brain breaks.

This video was made at a Nursing Home in Naperville IL.  It helps the residents to get their brain and body ACTIVE.  Yes, that is me David Sladkey leading the Brain Breaks.  I have been working with Nursing Home Residents since 1996.   I teach Math at Naperville Central High School and have a book about Brain Breaks called "Energizing Brain Breaks" which is available at Amazon or other book outlets.  The video is 32 minute with a lot of activities.  If you are a Activities Director at a Nursing home you could certainly use this to help your residents stay active.  If you are a teacher of very young students, you could use some of the ideas in this video in your class.  I hope you enjoy them.  Please let me know how it works for you and your audience.

Here is a list of the activities and times during the video
Ear and Nose (0:30)
Lap Clap (1:30)
Vowels ( 3:00)
Flamingo (5:00)
Numbers ( 6:50)
Dancing (11:15)
Fish and Snake (14:00)
Tap Your Head and Rub Your Tummy (16:50)
YMCA  (19:45)
5 Little Monkey's (22:50)
Let's Go Swimming  (25:00)
Let's Make a Pie  (28:20)

Are you restricted in any way because of physical limitations?  This is the video for you.  This will get you active for 30 minutes.  You will be crossing the mid line and using your brain!  You will have fun at the same time.

Thanks in advance for your feedback on this.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hands Brain Break

Brain Breaks are simple 1-2 minute mind and body challenges.  They are excellent for regaining focus in a meeting or a class.  Your students or audience will love you for them.

This Brain Break seems simple.  However, you will find out soon that you will have a hard time mastering it.  

1.  Stand Up.
2.  Start by waving your right hand in front of you left to right.  Your palm should be facing away from you while keeping your hand with your fingers pointing up. 
3.  Now stop that hand and have your left hand in front of you waving it up and down.  
4.  Now practice moving them at the SAME TIME.  Do not move your hands going diagonally.  
5.  Now switch to have your right hand up and down and your left hand left and right.  Do this faster and switch often to make it more difficult.
6.  Lastly, to increase the difficulty, have your arms crossed while doing this. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Snap-Wink from Energizing Brain Breaks 2 Book

Snap Wink is an awesome brain break.  You can use it as a teacher or a student.  If you are a student and need a quick pick me up in a class, all you have to do is go through these couple steps.  If you are a teacher, this is a sure bet Brain Break.  I've used it many times with great success.  It is from the ENERGIZING BRAIN BREAKS 2 BOOK.  See it at www.engagedteaching.com .  Scott Miller has 50 great ideas for Brain Breaks that you can use right away.  He also has them available in SMARTBoard or PowerPoint slides.
This brain break is directly from the book page 14.  

Remember it is so important to give your students a little break in the middle of class.  Get them up and moving with this easy Brain Break.  You might be saying I don't have enough in my schedule to take out 2 minutes each day.  I would say you can't afford not to have your student be active for at least 2 minutes each day.  Their efficiency will sharpen immediately. 
Two other awesome brain breaks  from Scott's book that I use all the time are "I'm OK" and "I'm OK, You're OK" page 9 and page 10
Follow Scott Miller on twitter @smiller229

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thumb War or Peace: Energizing Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks are helpful in the middle of class to help get students refocused and energized.  They are great when they break up an hour long class right in the middle.  They are excellent breaks in a meeting or presentation.

Thumb War or Peace is a brain break done with a partner.

1.  Thumb War is easy:  Simply lock fingers together and then tap alternately with your thumbs to the chant:  "One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war".  Then you can get started with the war.  The first person to pin the others thumb down for three seconds so they can't move it is declared the winner.

2.  Thumb Peace:  Lock your fingers together.  You will try to work together to outline the numbers 0-9 with your thumbs one at a time.  Your thumbs will need to work together while making each number.  So You will have to decide who will be writing the number forwards and who will write it backwards.

Get the book with all 50 Brain Breaks.  Also, you get all the 50 Videos as well as a PowerPoint Digital Copy and a Smart Notebook Digital Copy.  A Book Published by Corwin
Energizing Brain Breaks by David Sladkey    Click here to get the Book NOW

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Energizing Brain Breaks will be Published by Corwin January 16th, 2013

Publishing Date for Corwin is January 16th, 2013.  That means we will not be able to sell any more books, digital versions or DVD's.  If you want to order any of these things you should do it before then.  After January 16th, 2013 you will need to order books from Corwin.  Click here to get the link to the book.

Get more digital versions at Energizing Brain Breaks

Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Specials for Energizing Brain Breaks

We want students to move in class.  Energizing Brain Breaks help students to be active in class and get refocused and refreshed.  They are 1-2 minute brain and body breaks that are simple to implement in your classroom.  They are perfect for your students as a transition exercise.  The students love them and they are good for students of any age.  The Energizing Brain Breaks Flip Book has 50 activities in it that will help your students move in class!  There is also a digital PowerPoint version of the book as well as a SMARTBoard Notebook version of the book.

Here are a couple examples that you might want to look at:

TWISTED Page 24 of Energizing Brain Breaks

Hand Shake 1 Page 28 of Energizing Brain Breaks Book

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Energizing Brain Breaks on the iPad

Energizing Brain Breaks are short 1-2 minute refreshers for your students or audience.  They are helpful for students because they provide a short break in their work and are fun.  They get your body up and moving so that you can then continue to work and be efficient.  Now you can access them through your iPad. 

Get started with 1-2 minute Brain Breaks in your class TODAY!

Now you can use your iPad to view Energizing Brain Breaks!  You can present the Brain Break to your students.  You could have your students access the brain break on their own.  It is very easy.  With the Energizing Brain Breaks site license anyone in your school could access the brain break on their iPpad including your students.  Check out the easy steps below.

1.  Get Energizing Brain Breaks PowerPoint Edition.  Download it to your computer
2.  If you have Box, Dropbox or Google Drive then store the file there.  Sign up for DropBox if you don't have any of these.  It is extremely easy and it has terrific educational uses.  I wrote a blog entry on this called I Love the DropBox File Sharing System.  Each of these systems has a free storage amount.  If you need more storage then you would pay for it each month.  I haven't reached the limit yet.
3.  Download CloudOn for your iPad.  It is a wonderful free application that you will be able to access any of your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files from.  Set up CloudOn with your Box, DropBox or Google Drive accounts and away you go. 
4.  Anytime you want a Energizing Brain Break then you can just open up your iPad and away you go.

Energizing Brain Breaks PowerPoint using the iPad screen shot

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Energizing Brain Breaks Ear and Nose Switch

This is a favorite of my students.

1.  Stand up.
2.  Take your right hand and grab your left ear.  Keep your right arm close to your body.
3.  Now take your left hand and touch your nose.
4.  Uncross your arms and move your left hand to your right ear and your right hand to your nose.  Your left arm should now be closest to your body. 
5.  Switch back and forth as fast as you can. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Core Strength Brain Breaks

Here are some great ideas for CORE STRENGTH BRAIN BREAKS.  They are easy to implement and most have you stand on one leg. 
They are done by Dave Racey from Naperville North High School in Naperville IL.  Thanks Dave!

1.  Point your arms toward the ceiling.
2.  Keep your elbow straight and move your right arm forward creating a large circle.   Continue making forward circles with this arm.  Now do the same with your other arm except go  BACKWARD.  Continue with both arms moving at the same time. Make sure you have this pattern working before you continue.
3.  While both arms continue to move, lift your right foot off the ground and make a ninety degree angle with your knee.  Hold this for a few seconds.
4.  Now extend your right knee out to make your leg parallel to the ground.  Hold for a few seconds.
5.  Stop.
6.  Repeat the same process again with your left leg.

1.  Point your arms toward the ceiling.
2.  Lift your right leg and put it behind you.  Try to keep your knee straight.
3.  Lean forward with your body.  Try to make your body, arms and leg parallel with the ground.  Hold for 10 seconds.
4.  Now try the same sequence with your left leg behind you. 

1.  Point your arms toward the ceiling.
2.  Lift your right leg and put it to the side of you.  Try to keep it straight.
3.  Point your body in the opposite direction.  Try to make your body, arms and leg parallel with the ground.  Hold for 15 seconds. 
4.  Now try the same sequence with your left leg to the side. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Energizing Brain Breaks PowerPoint Edition Giveaway.

With over 10,000 books sold we thought you might be interested in some of the comments we have received about Energizing Brain Breaks.

"Students focus better. Enjoyment of the movement break. They love the challenge of the movements."        Illinois

"Gets kids interested in class again, able to focus longer. Puts a little laughter in the day"    Michigan

"Gets students excited, engaged, motivated"   Maine

"Energizing/wake them up! break during long classes with lots of notes"  Maryland

"Re-engage, reinforce basic math skills, wake-up in the morning"  Illinois

Submit your name and email for a chance to get a free copy of the Energizing Brain Breaks PowerPoint Edition a $14.95 value.  We will be giving away 10 copies on November 30, 2011, randomly to all who enter.  Thanks for your interest in Energizing Brain Breaks! 

If you have any questions regarding Energizing Brain Breaks please see our website at http://www.energizingbrainbreaks.com/ 
Here is a short video showing the PowerPoint Edition. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Energizing Brian Breaks Number Spots Addition

Get your students moving!  They should get up and out of their seats every 25-30 minutes.  If you have seen their eyes growing tired, then GIVE THEM A BRAIN BREAK!  It is easy, fast and effective.  It will only take about 2 minutes of your class time and you will surely make that time up when they are refreshed and ready to go. 

Here it is.
1.  Stand Up and find a partner
2.  Here are the spot values:  right shoulder = 1, right ear = 2, nose = 3, left ear = 4 and left shoulder is 5.
3. Without talking, one person will touch two of their own number spots and the other person will have to say the numbers out oud and then add them together. 
4.  Once one person has done a few problems, the other person can give some problems. 

This brain break is great becasue it forces you to READ your partner's number spots.  You have to think of the spots in THEIR perspective.  I have students who often turn their back so as to "think" of their partners vantage point. 

There are Letter Spots and Number Spots Multiplication as Energizing Brain Breaks.
Check out the Video, it might help you visualize this Brain Break.

Don't forget that we have the new SMARTBoard Edition with Video Links as well as the new PowerPoint Edition with Video Links. Click here to check them out.

buy file or download now!

buy file or download now!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Energizing Brain Breaks E-Editions: PowerPoint and SMARTBoard

Using Brain Breaks in my classes has helped my students to refocus and stay fresh.  I have used them with pre-schoolers to nursing home residents.  It helps to break up the class period by having a change of pace.  Since I use SMARTBoard notebook lessons every day in class, I put a slide that said "BRAIN BREAK" directly into my lessons.  Then I changed to actually taking a screen capture of the pages of the book and putting these into my lessons.  This has helped me to remember the steps of the Brain Break and also for my students to see the steps and follow them on their own.  The beautiful thing about this is that I didn't have to pull up a Brain Break on the fly.  I ALREADY HAD IT IN MY LESSON.  So, I thought that I would share this version with you.  It is called Energizing Brain Breaks SMARTBoard Edition with Video Links.  Yes, it has every one of the 50 activities in it.  They each are on separate slides.  There is a link to a video of the Brain Break right on the slide itself, so you can watch the Brain Break with your class or audience if you like.  The PowerPoint version is almost identical.  If you use PowerPoint Presentation for your teaching, this would be a valuable tool.  You can just copy the Brain Break slide and put it easily into your own Presentation.  Then you can just have the Brain Break planned right in your lesson.
They are downloads.  There is no shipping. 


Friday, August 26, 2011

Exercise Precedes Learning CBS Chicago News Story

Mary Kay Kleist from Channel 2 News Chicago did a story on Naperville Central High School's"Morning Exercise Gets Kids' Brains Fired Up for Class"  It is a great 3 minute story detailing the program that Naperville Central Offers.  When students get their heart rate up before their math and English classes their scores are higher.  The story discusses Moving and Learning.  It also discusses using Brain Breaks in the middle of class.  Check out the short video.   http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/08/24/morning-exercise-gets-kids-brains-fired-up-for-class/

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Give them a BRAKE ... or is it ...Give them a Break!

Have you ever seen this sign in the road?  GIVE EM A BRAKE.  Every time I see it I think of the fact that we as teachers need to give our students a break.  We teachers often feel like we can't afford to give our students a break.  WE NEED TO GET THROUGH THE MATERIAL.  How many times have you said this?  As a student my brain has never picked up things in long drawn out segments.  My brain picks things up in bursts.  That is why I think it is so important to give our students a break when we are teaching longer segments..  If our activity does not give a break within itself, we should create a break for our students.  It should be a short break.  Probably 1-2 minutes at most.  This creates a refreshing outlook once the break is done.  The break should include standing up and some time of movement and stimulating brain activity.  I have been giving Energizing Brain Breaks in my class for a number of years now.  I believe that it gives students a break in the midst of concentrating intently which will help boost their efficiency.  Not only this, but it will also give them something to look forward to everyday as well as help them to laugh and smile in class.  Have you ever heard the expression "one step back and two steps forward"?  Well, brain breaks are exactly that.  It feels like you are not making progress in your class by giving them a break.  But really, you are helping them to move FORWARD faster, because they are refreshed and energized. 
So you are wondering what exactly is a brain break?  There are many examples in this blog that you can go to.  I will list a few that are fun to see.
Thumb and Pinkie Energizing Brain Break
Elbow to Knee Energizing Brain Break
Hand Shake Number 1 Partner Brain Break


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Energizing Brain Breaks 2

Now Energizing Brain Breaks has a second book out.  Of course, it is called Energizing Brain Breaks 2.  The book was written by Scott Miller who is the Instructional Coordinator at Naperville Central High School. There are 50 new activities for you and your students to take part in.  I have used quite a few of the activities with my students and I absolutely love them.  If you are interested in more information about this book please go to the website http://engagedteaching.com
.  I can't wait to hear some feedback on this book. 

If you are looking for information on Energizing Brain Breaks you can go to the website  http://www.energizingbrainbreaks.com

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Standardized Tests and Brain Breaks are a GREAT Combination

Its that time of year again. It's standardized testing time. It's the time of year students are to be sitting most of the day without any activity. It is a very stressful time for students. I hope you consider my suggestions for your standardized tests this year. Here are my 4 suggestions that are detailed below:
1. Be active before the test.
2. Eat before the test.
3. Give a Brain Break between segments of the test.
4. Offer manipulatives for your fidgety hand students during the test.

1. In preparation for the standardized test encourage your students to walk around the building before they go to class. Some schools actually have a school wide march around the outside of the school for 15 minutes. If the weather doesn't permit you to do this then have your march inside. Get the blood flowing for the students.

2. Encourage students to eat BEFORE the test. Some schools provide breakfasts for the students. Last year I acquired (through my daughters college Ultimate Frisbee team) a boxful of at least 100 bananas. I thought I would see if any of my students would eat a banana. It was unbelievable. In one class there was 80% of the class that took a banana. I asked them right away how many of them had any breakfast that morning and almost 50% said they had nothing to eat yet. Encourage your students to eat. I'm sure the administration could provide some funds for a banana or apple to each student on standardized test days.

3. Give students a BRAIN BREAK after segments of the test. Brain Breaks are short 1-2 minute brain and body challenges that help student to refocus. They get students up out of their seats and crossing the mid-line of their bodies and gets the blood flowing. If you would like more information on Brain Breaks go to www.energizingbrainbreaks.com . Here are two easy ones to use between segments of your standardized test.

GET THE BOOK! There are 50 activities all ready to go for you. Each book costs $14.95 plus shipping. Go to http://www.energizingbrainbreaks.com/ for more information.


4. Give your students the opportunity to do something while they take the test. Fidgety students love to keep themselves moving. We can relieve this tension for them by giving them something to work with in their hands while they take the test at their seat. Here are some examples.
a. Pipe Cleaners (Get them at the dollar store)
b. Koosh or Nerf ball
c. Rubber hand strengtheners.
d. Kneadable eraser.
e. Silly Putty
f. Paper Clip.
g. Rubber bands


All the best,


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Energizing Brain Breaks in Spanish....Descanso Cerebral Energizante

Energizing Brain Breaks in Spanish
Descanso Cerebral Energizante
Get your copy today! Go to www.energizingbrainbreaks.com

Saltos de cerebro son actividades rápidas de 1-2 minutos que le ayudarán a volver a estar reorientados y re-energizados. Es como pulsar el botón de actualización muy propio. Cada una de las 50 actividades pondrá a prueba tu cerebro mientras que al mismo tiempo consigue usted mover su cuerpo. Esta combinación le refrescará. El Descanso Cerebral Energizante puede utilizarse en casa, en la Oficina, en un aula o mientras viaja. Se puede utilizar en casi cualquier tipo de grupo. Por ejemplo, un profesor podría dar un recreo de cerebro a su clase para la transición de una actividad a otra. También se puede utilizar para cualquier persona haciendo una presentación para ayudar a su audiencia a permanecer fresco con su tema. Usted puede tomar un recreo de cerebro en la Oficina para mejorar su nivel de productividad. Hay 25 recreos de cerebro que puede hacerse de forma individual. Hay 18 Recreos de Cerebro en parejas que se realizan con otra persona. Incluyen actividades competitivas y no competitivas. Hay 7 Recreos de Cerebro para actividades de grupos que trabajan en la construcción de equipo y requieren un número de personas a participar.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Giving Away 1000 Energizing Brain Break Books

GONE! All 1000 have been given away. Please do not send any more applications. We will have to turn you away. Thanks for your participation in this.

1000 BOOKS TO GIVE AWAY We are going to give 1000 books away to needy schools. Schools that have a free or reduced lunch program of 40% or more qualify to get the books. See below for more details. 25% of the profits of Energizing Brain Breaks Book are going to underprivileged schools. We have given over 1000 books away to schools all over the United States. We need to give another 1000 away. We will give 25 books (a $375 value) to each school that meets the criteria given below. There will be no shipping and no cost involved. All you will need to do is click here to get the form to fill out and send in.

WHAT ARE ENERGIZING BRAIN BREAKS? Energizing Brain Breaks are quick 1-2 minute activities for your classroom.. They take virtually no preparation and no extra materials to perform. Students of all ages love them. Why do they love them? Because they are fun and make you laugh. They also challenge your brain. Energizing Brain Breaks help you to cross the mid-line of your body which helps both sides of your brain engage. It is suggested to use an Energizing Brain Break every 30 minutes with your class. They are terrific during exams and standardized tests. Just give an Energizing Brain Break between sections of tests or even right in the middle of the test. The Energizing Brain Breaks book is laminated; spiral bound, and has 50 activities on card stock paper. The ISBN number is 978-0-578-05058-4 and is a $14.95 value. There is more information about the book at www.energizingbrainbreaks.com


1. Your school needs to have 40% or more of your students involved in the free or reduced lunch program.

2. Your school needs a teacher (not an administrator) to be in charge of the distribution of the books.

3. Your principal (or vice-principal) needs to understand and support the idea.

ALL 1000 have been given away. There are no more books to give.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Toe Tapping Energizing Brain Break

Toe Tapping

1. Stand Up.
2. Face your partner.
3. Both you and your partner put out your right leg and tap your right feet together 1 time and say "1" out loud.
4. Tap your left feet together 3 times and say "3" out loud.
5. Tap your right feet together 2 times and say "2" out loud.
6. Continue the 1,3,2 toe tapping pattern alternating feet.
7. See how fast you can go.

Goto http://www.energizingbrainbreaks.com/ to get the book.

WHAT ARE ENERGIZING BRAIN BREAKS? Energizing Brain Breaks are quick 1-2 minute activities for your classroom. They take virtually no preparation and no extra materials to perform. Students of all ages love them. Why do they love them? Because they are fun and make you laugh. They also challenge your brain. Energizing Brain Breaks help you to cross the mid-line of your body which helps both sides of your brain engage. It is suggested to use an Energizing Brain Break every 30 minutes with your class. They are terrific during exams and standardized tests. Just give an Energizing Brain Break between sections of tests or even right in the middle of the test. If you would like to see some in action, go to www.energizingbrainbreaks.com. The Energizing Brain Breaks book is laminated; spiral bound, and has 50 activities on card stock paper. The ISBN number is 978-0-578-05058-4 and is a $14.95 value.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ABC/123 Energizng Brain Break

One of my students gave me this one yesterday. I really like it.
1. Stand Up

2. Use your index finger and write a large "A" in the air out in front of you and at the same time say out loud the number "1".

3. Now use your index finger and write a large "B" in the air out in front of you and at the same time say out loud the number "2".

4. Continue writing the letters in the air and saying the numbers out loud as far as you can go or until the end of the alphabet.

Extra Challenge: Alternate saying the letter and then the number.

I had a few students get to Z and were at the number 24 or 25. This is a problem since there are 26 letters in the alphabet. It was probably about a quarter of my students were able to get all the way through in the 1 minute activity. For another challenge, have them write the letters in the air with their weak hand. This idea is from Aaron Rowe.

To find more Energizing Brain Breaks go to http://www.energizingbrainbreaks.com/

There is a book and DVD available with 50 Brian Breaks.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Energizing Brain Breaks DVD is HERE!

Each DVD comes in a shrinkwrapped protective DVD case.

Energizing Brain Breaks DVD is a collection of 50 quick activities that you can see in action. The DVD has videos that match the book "Energizing Brain Breaks" page for page. They are 1-2 minute brain and body challenges that are fun and help you regain your efficiency. The collection includes individual, partner and group activities. Both the book and the DVD have sample pages at the site

What are Energizing Brain Breaks?

Purchasing the Book/DVD

Sample Pages from the Book

Sample Videos from the DVD

Multiple Book/DVD Ordering

You can get the book alone, or with the DVD. If you get both the DVD and the book the price is reduced.

If you have a large order for a school or an organization, then you can go to our multiple order page to check out the possibilities. If you have any questions please email energizingbrainbreaks@gmail.com

Monday, September 13, 2010

Energizing Brain Break Crab

I got this idea from Tony Schlorff who got the idea from the good folks in El Paso Texas. Thanks for passing this one along.

I call it the Crab. This is an individual Brain Break

1. Stand Up
2. Put your arms out in front of you and match your fingers from each hand together and then match your thumbs together.
3. Now put lower your middle fingers so that the knuckles touch. Keep them flat against each other.
4. Now un-touch and retouch your thumbs.
5. Now un-touch and retouch your index fingers.
6. Now un-touch and retouch your ring fingers.
7. Lastly, un-touch and retouch your pinkies.
Good luck. This one was difficult.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gotcha Energizing Brain Break


Purpose: Try to grab another person’s finger on one side of you, while at the same time avoid being grabbed by the person on the other side of you.

1. Stand up and get into groups of 3-10 people.
2. Form a circle with your group.

3. Each person should hold out their left hand with their palm flat and facing up. Now take your right hand index finger and point it directly into the palm of the person to your right.

4. When the instructor says “Gotcha”, you are to try to grab the person’s finger that is in your palm, and at the same time avoid being grabbed by the person you are pointing to.

5. Repeat with your arms crossed.

Monday, August 9, 2010

ITSY BITSY SPIDER Energizing Brain Break for Students

ITSY BITSY SPIDER Energizing Brain Break for Students

You know the old rhyme that goes "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout..."

1. Stand up.
2. Put your hands out in front of you.
3. Take your right hand thumb and touch it to your left hand index finger.
4. Now take your right hand index finger and touch it to your left hand thumb.
5. Rotate both hands to move upward so that you can now reach your right hand thumb to your left hand index finger. Then keep rotating your fingers and thumbs so that you are "walking up the water spout"
6. Now do this behind your back. Try going "down the spout" as well.
7. Once you've mastered this, then do the same process with your index finger and your pinkie. This is tough.

I have not done this one yet with my students, so once I have, I will video-tape it and post it.
There is a Brain Break Book available. It has 50 activities that incorporate movement, crossing the mid-line, and brain challenges. Click here for more information. Also, 50% of the profits from this book go to great causes like building schools in Angola or also giving away books to underprivileged schools.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Energizing Brain Breaks Book Give Away

Sorry, all of the entries have been made. This offer is over. If you are interested in the book, you will need to order it through the on the side of this page.

Energizing Brain Breaks Book Give Away ends after the first 10 valid entries. All 10 entries have been made. These will go fast, get your entry in soon. (sorry, only entries delivered to US or Canada will be accepted)

Do you know of an administrator that is interested in brain breaks? Maybe it is your principal or your wellness advisor, or it might even be a superintendent. Then you could get two free complimentary copies of the book "Energizing Brain Breaks" sent directly to you. The first copy you would keep for yourself. (If you already have one of the books, then you could give it to a colleague) The second copy you would take personally to your administrator and share it with them. Be sure to tell them about the blog http://brainbreaks.blogspot.com/ with video examples of many of the 50 Activities.
Whole schools (and even a whole district) have been getting the "Energizing Brain Break" book for their teachers. Teachers love this book because there is No Prep Time and No Extra Set Up and yet it is so valuable. Students from K-12 are benefiting from taking a small 1-2 minute break in the middle of a class to get refocused and refreshed.

Once an administrator sees the book it will make a big impression. Please send an email to energizingbrainbreaksbook@gmail.com Here is what you need to include in your email to get the free books. Please be sure to fill out each question so it will be a valid entry. Only the first 10 valid entries will be sent the books.

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6. Describe how you know this administrator and why you think this administrator would like to get invested in "Energizing Brain Breaks"

Take advantage of this as soon as you can!

Questions? Email energizingbrainbreaksbook@gmail.com

Friday, July 9, 2010

Finding the Energizing Brain Breaks Book

There are a few places to get the Energizing Brain Book.
1. Of course you can just click on the BUY NOW button at the top left portion of the blog http://brainbreaks.blogspot.com/ . If you are ordering more than 20 books see item #5 below for better pricing.

2. Also, you can buy the book at Marbles: The Brain Store located in Naperville IL or Chicago IL. If you haven't been to the Marbles store yet, you are in for a treat. It is so fun. It is a great place to pick up gifts for loved ones.

3. They are also available at Jean Blaydes Madigan's Action Based Learning Site.

4. PE4Life.org is an excellent place for resources. Their mission is to keep kids moving and learning. Click here to go to their resource page. The book is now available at PE4life.

5. For multiple order copies or a Purchase Order information, please email energizingbrainbreaksbook@gmail.com Schools and School Districts are welcome! Remember the more you purchase, the better the price.
1-14 books $14.95 each
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Movement and Learning = Jean Blaydes Madigan

Movement and Learning are equivalent to Jean Blaydes Madigan. If you haven't been to her website, you are in for a treat. Just go to Action Based Learning for an outstanding resource. She does workshops and teacher training. Her website is full of excellent resources. I have her book "Thinking on Your Feet". She is the heart and soul of getting students to move in the classroom. When she came to Naperville Central High School a few years back, she changed our world. She introduced us to Brain Breaks. Since then, we have really taken off on the idea of taking Brain Breaks in the classroom. They serve a few excellent purposes. First, they get the students out of their seats. Second, they usually get the students to cross the mid-line of their body which helps both sides of their brain to engage. Thirdly, they are fun challenges which students usually are smiling and laughing with. This is a an excellent thing to happen in your classroom. Unbelievably, student settle down very fast after a Brain Break. I think it is because they had some built up tension that has been released. They are ready to get back to work.

So Jean Blaydes inspired me to write a book of Brain Breaks called Energizing Brain Breaks. She has given her blessing to me by letting me use a couple of her activities. There are 50 activities in all. The other activities have come from my own work with Brain Breaks and many others have come from colleagues. Here is what Jean Blaydes Madigan has to say about the book:

"Energizing Brain Breaks is an excellent resource for quick simple challenging activities that students can do to activate their brain for more optimal learning. Many of the activities were developed by students and for students and really engage the adolescent brain. This is the resource that teachers need to get their students moving in learning."
Jean Blaydes Madigan

Teachers from all around the country are very excited about this book. Whole school districts are buying the book for all their teachers (900 books to one district) Whole schools are buying the book for their teachers. Books are going out to schools in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Denmark, and all over the continental USA. If you know of an administrator or wellness director that would be interested in this book please their send their email address to energizingbrainbreaksbook@gmail.com for more information. If you are interested in purchasing the book please click below. If you are interested in knowing the prices for orders of 20 or more books just email energizingbrainbreaksbook@blogspot.com .