Saturday, September 22, 2012

Energizing Brain Breaks on the iPad

Energizing Brain Breaks are short 1-2 minute refreshers for your students or audience.  They are helpful for students because they provide a short break in their work and are fun.  They get your body up and moving so that you can then continue to work and be efficient.  Now you can access them through your iPad. 

Get started with 1-2 minute Brain Breaks in your class TODAY!

Now you can use your iPad to view Energizing Brain Breaks!  You can present the Brain Break to your students.  You could have your students access the brain break on their own.  It is very easy.  With the Energizing Brain Breaks site license anyone in your school could access the brain break on their iPpad including your students.  Check out the easy steps below.

1.  Get Energizing Brain Breaks PowerPoint Edition.  Download it to your computer
2.  If you have Box, Dropbox or Google Drive then store the file there.  Sign up for DropBox if you don't have any of these.  It is extremely easy and it has terrific educational uses.  I wrote a blog entry on this called I Love the DropBox File Sharing System.  Each of these systems has a free storage amount.  If you need more storage then you would pay for it each month.  I haven't reached the limit yet.
3.  Download CloudOn for your iPad.  It is a wonderful free application that you will be able to access any of your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files from.  Set up CloudOn with your Box, DropBox or Google Drive accounts and away you go. 
4.  Anytime you want a Energizing Brain Break then you can just open up your iPad and away you go.

Energizing Brain Breaks PowerPoint using the iPad screen shot

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