Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Specials for Energizing Brain Breaks

We want students to move in class.  Energizing Brain Breaks help students to be active in class and get refocused and refreshed.  They are 1-2 minute brain and body breaks that are simple to implement in your classroom.  They are perfect for your students as a transition exercise.  The students love them and they are good for students of any age.  The Energizing Brain Breaks Flip Book has 50 activities in it that will help your students move in class!  There is also a digital PowerPoint version of the book as well as a SMARTBoard Notebook version of the book.

Here are a couple examples that you might want to look at:

TWISTED Page 24 of Energizing Brain Breaks

Hand Shake 1 Page 28 of Energizing Brain Breaks Book

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