Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hands Brain Break

Brain Breaks are simple 1-2 minute mind and body challenges.  They are excellent for regaining focus in a meeting or a class.  Your students or audience will love you for them.

This Brain Break seems simple.  However, you will find out soon that you will have a hard time mastering it.  

1.  Stand Up.
2.  Start by waving your right hand in front of you left to right.  Your palm should be facing away from you while keeping your hand with your fingers pointing up. 
3.  Now stop that hand and have your left hand in front of you waving it up and down.  
4.  Now practice moving them at the SAME TIME.  Do not move your hands going diagonally.  
5.  Now switch to have your right hand up and down and your left hand left and right.  Do this faster and switch often to make it more difficult.
6.  Lastly, to increase the difficulty, have your arms crossed while doing this. 

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