Saturday, February 13, 2010

Energizing Brain Breaks Book

Energizing Brain Breaks is a book of 50 quick activities you can do at home, office, school, or anywhere to get refreshed from mental and physical fatigue. Teachers love this book. It is great to have in the classroom for when you want to rejuvenate your students. Why don't you try a couple of the activities in the book. Click here to see a a couple sample activities. for ordering information


The book has a laminated cover with 60 sturdy card stock pages full of colors and pictures with easy to understand directions for each activity. The activities are 1-2 minute brain and body challenges that are fun and help you regain your efficiency. The collection includes individual, partner and group activities. This book is GREAT for teachers or presenters.

The book costs $14.95 plus shipping. Shipping is $3 total for up to 3 books. Shipping is $6 total if you order 4 or 5 books. Shipping is free for 6 or more books ordered. 25% of the profits will go towards building schools in Angola Africa through the organization RISE INTERNATIONAL. Please check out their website. Another 25% of the profits will go towards distributing Energizing Brain Breaks Book to schools and teachers in the U.S. who can't afford to pay for them. If you or your school would like more information on getting books sent to you at no charge please email .
If you have more questions about this book email If you would like to order multiple copies of this book please email and you will get a discounted price and free shipping.
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ISBN Number 978-0-578-05058-4
Number of pages 60 with laminated covers
Book pages are cardstock with color pictures
Spiral Bound

Preview a few Sample Pages
Preview the Index of Activities

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  1. David,
    Congratulations on publishing such a helpful and clever book! You have some great ideas in it and it is a fun way to re focus the kids (and the teacher!) I hope it is a best seller. We will certainly spread the word in Santa Barbara.