Monday, January 11, 2010

Finger Tips Brain Break

This Brain Break is usually easier on one side or the other. Try it out and see.

1. Stand up.
2. Make an X with your arms out in front of you. Move your palms to face you with your fingers up in the air. Lock your thumbs together.
3. With your index finger on your right hand, try to touch each of the finger tips of your other hand, one by one.
Now take your middle finger on your right hand and do the same thing and touch the finger tips of your other hand one by one.
5. Do this same process for your ring finger and pinkie on your right hand.
6. Now do the process for your left hand index, middle, ring and pinkie fingers.


  1. I am posting some information about Brain Breaks in the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics newsletter. Is it OK for me to use this as an example? Credit is given with the URL to the website.

  2. For sure. Spread the word about movement in the classroom. Kids need to move at least 2 times an hour in some way or another. Vrain breaks are a good way for that to happen.