Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let it RAIN Brain Break

Let it Rain is a fun activity for the whole class. Everyone works together and the sound is amazing.

1. Stand up.

2. The conductor will model the class through the rain process.

3. Here is the progression that the conductor will take.
Stage 1: soft circular hand rubbing
Stage 2: vigorous back and forth hand rubbing
Stage 3: finger snapping
Stage 4: thigh tapping
Stage 5: foot stomping

4. The class will follow the lead of the conductor. The conductor will take about 5-7 seconds with each stage.

5. The rain will get louder and louder getting to the last stage in which the conductor will lead the 3 separate thunder jumps. Then reverse the stages and the rain will get softer and softer.

Here is a YouTube Video that performs the RAIN very well. ENJOY. Try to watch the first 1.5 minutes.

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