Friday, November 14, 2008

Say 21 and Win Brain Break

This idea was sent in by Sue McKay.
I have used it in my class and it worked great. My students were leaving the class saying "I have to play this at lunch"

“Say 21 and WIN”
Here are the rules…
The object is to say 21 and win.
You have the option when it is your turn to say the next consecutive number or two.
For example…. I go first
I say 1
You can say 2 or 2…3. You say 2.
Then I can say 3 or 3…4. I say 3 ... 4 and so on until someone says 21 and wins.
If I start with 1…2.
You can say 3 or 3…4
And so on. The person who says 21 wins. For a change, make the person who says 21 the loser.
There is a strategy and some kids get it right away.

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  1. Greg Farmer - Traverse City Central HighSeptember 14, 2009 at 6:55 AM

    I combined say 21 with slap count and we do slap 21, Kids love it.