Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slap Count Brain Break

Slap Count

Face each other with your palms up.

Person A should take their right hand and cross over and hit person B’s right hand and say 1

Then person A should take their left hand and cross over and hit person B’s left hand and say 2

Person B does the same except says 3 and 4.

This repeats until you reach 30.


Go up by 3’s 5’s, or any number.

Start at a number and go down by another number (like start at 34 and go down by 3’s)

Start at one and double each number

Each person spells their own name or any other vocabulary from class

Make a pattern like the left hand always adds 2 and the right hand always adds 3

Each person spells a word. Both try to figure out the other person’s word.

Thanks to Jean Blaydes Madigan for this idea


  1. Two of my 7th grade girls came up with this one. Partner A counts by numbers starting at 1. Partner B goes through the alphabet. So:
    Partner A: 1, 2
    Partner B: a, b
    Partner A: 3, 4
    Partner B: c, d etc.

    Many of the students find themselves saying the alphabet to themselves to figure out where they are.

  2. Great Idea Megan. I did this in my class last week and it was awesome. It was a lot harder than it originally seems.